Departure from across Italy

Daily departures from Milazzo, Messina and several Italian cities to return to Sicily


You will have the opportunity to reach all the Italian cities from Milazzo or Messina, you can ensure to make your holidays or business trips in your chosen city, and at the same time ensure the ability to always be able to return by bus.
Regarding the Rome and Fiuggi Departures are from Milazzo, while for other destinations in the starting location and Messina, you ll find information on timetables, bus stations of departure through our search form, but if you have any doubts, please contact our agency we are always at your disposal.


Some of our destinations

For all the destinations you can buy your ticket at our agency, you can buy a ticket for the start and at the same time you can plan your return when you feel most appropriate.
Connections are provided below between Sicily and the rest of the peninsula, and also inverse to those of Sicily, but also other links that you will find using the search form is also reported that the time of departure and arrival.

Destination Price
Roma €37.00
Taranto €40.00
Bologna €74.00
Genova €74.00
Padova €86.00
Parma €74.00
S.G.Rotondo €53.00
Pescara €70.00
Pisa €67.00
Brescia €76.00
Destination Price
La Spezia €74.00
Torino €86.00
Alessandria €86.00
Mantova €86.00
Venezia €86.00
Milano R. €76.00
Poggibonsi €67.00
Giulianova €70.00
Avezzano €70.00

*The prices are subject to change according to the period