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Bus tickets Clarissa Travel provides a parcel delivery destination with all the cities of Romania. Packages must not weigh more than 20kg each. Packages shipped will be delivered to the recipient at the agency ATLASSIB of the city of which it is intended the package or with an additional charge of € 5.00 the package can be delivered at home. Clarissa The Travel offers in its place an environment for deposit of the parcels.
packs to be sent must not contain precious metals, liquids, valuables, money and anything not provided for by law, and in any case, the customer upon delivery of the package to the staff of Clarissa Travel must prepare a shipping module indicating as well as the contents of the package, personal information, a phone number and full name address and telephone number of the recipient of the parcel. packs to be sent must be closed prior to the sender, before delivery to our agency, which will to seal the package in the appropriate containers the Atlassib. Delivery 4/5 days.

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Copriamo tutto il territorio in Romania, avrete la possibilità di usufruire di un servizio che è utilissimo e garantito dalla nostra agenzia e dai nostri distributori, su tutta la nazione le consegnere saranno effettuate in 4 giorni.